Monday, April 8, 2013

Neurophone & Mind Control

Mind control is a very complicated topic. The idea of creating a mentally controlled workforce has been in place for a long time. The Nazis were the pioneers of developing mind control technology. Research and development of mind control techniques were at its zenith during World War II. The Nazis deepen their efforts during the time of concentration camps when there was an unlimited supply of children and adults available for experimentation. Mind control technology was either trauma based or electronic based.

Neurophone Mind Control

In recent times, there have been rumors of mind control of targeted individuals who were programmed to perform killings of innocent people (refer assassination attempts, school shootings etc.). Worldwide mind control using cell phone towers is one such theory of mass mind control. It is to be believed that by now such mind control techniques would have evolved into much advance and effective ways which cannot be intercepted easily. It is very much possible that emotional content of human body has been decoded by now for the purpose of mind control. It has been experienced that when someone enters a prohibited military facility, the person feels nervous and wants to get out of it soon as the frequency of fear is broadcasted at such facilities to stop trespassing. In a nutshell, mind control is a truth and not a mere figment of imagination.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan in his interview with Jeff Rense exerted that one of his inventions, the Neurophone, was seized by National Security Agency as it was believed to have potential of controlling mind. Neurophone feeds the brain with information directly without entering the auditory system. With the help of Neurophone the bioelectric information in human brain can be monitored accurately. It is an established fact that hearing the sound and imagining the sound activates similar parts of the brain. So with Neurophone even the imagination created in brain can be depicted without error. Keeping aside all stories about government running programmes for mass mind control, the scientists hardly focus on the nefarious uses of this device. This device has opened doors of hope for people with hearing challenges. It is a boon to mankind amidst rumors of mass mind control.

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